Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Day at the Beach

My Gramma Dorothy would be mortified.

Mortified if she knew I enlarged a picture of her in her bathing suit

And hung it on my bathroom wall!

But I just couldn't resist

She's so adorable!

The year is 1926
She's 16 and just married my Gramps.
I enlarged a couple more pictures

Modge Podged them onto 8X10 canvases

And hung them on the wall in my bathroom

The two on the left are my parents on their honeymoon in 1954
Bottom right are hubby's parents in 1968
Easiest art I've ever created....
  1. Find adorable photos
  2. Go to Walgreens and enlarge photos to 8X10
  3. Purchase 8X10 canvases (got mine at Michaels)
  4. Cover canvas in Modge Podge smooth photo on top of canvas
  5. After dry, coat photo in Modge Podge
  6. Let dry, coat photo in Modge Podge again
  7. Hang on wall
Love it!
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  1. It doesn't matter who, what, where or when... when it comes to having someone take a photo of us in our bathing suits, we all have a mini-hissy fit, don't we? I adore that photo and to think she was a bride at 16! Don't hear much of that anymore do you! Your project was a great way to showcase these and brings a smile to those lucky to see them!

  2. Thank you for sharing in this week's Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this cute project and story at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  4. Excellent idea, and simple approach. Love it.