Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have Lunch With Snoopy

Does everyone love Snoopy?
My husband LOVES Snoopy.
More than a little.
Like a whole lot.
So, because I like him at least as much as he likes Snoopy I got him this lunch box at the auction today.

A lady there said it was worth $400.00.
I'd like to know where she gets her information.
Ebay has them for $75 for one with a thermos (which mine does not have) and excellent condition (also which mine is not).
I paid $22.
Hubby will be happy.

I also got:

another jar for Christmas snow globes, a cash box and a candy tub

This dresser ($2) that  matches 2 others I'm working on

and finally this lovely vanity. I love all the details, can't wait to work on this one!

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